Kathy was surprised to find such a large group of riders at the start. We had a large group of 15.  She had published a route but then somehow had omitted to copy it to her garmin. She resorted to some strange technology called a map which worked fine and didn’t run out of batteries or making annoying beeps before junctions

The group had a nice stead pace and we stopped at Furzey Gardens in Minstead. Alan gave the cake just a score of 8. The cake itself was perfectly fine but the portions were a little on the small side for hungry cyclists.

After coffee we went off road to get across the busy A31.  Its not often that we go off road onto Forest tracks with out road bikes but sometimes needs must as they are limited ways across the main A31 which dissects the new Forest national park.

After this we added in a little loop where we had to stop because a small flock of sheep were crossing the road between a farm and a field.

Thanks to Alan and Timmy for the photos