…and onward to lunch at East Boldre.

Just some of the twenty three riders on Jim’s ride. Others had returned home after coffee at Calshot.


A number for three groups assembled at Redbridge. It was fresh, it was February. The route to Calshot was uneventful with the aid of a freshening wind. The day was very clear giving great views down the Solent and across Southampton Water to Portsmouth and Spinnaker Tower. With the sun shining some enjoyed their coffee outside.

The wind  after coffee manifested itself with a hard slog across the shingle strewn road at Lepe. The new cafe is looking nearly finished.Beaulieu seemed to be hosting another classic car day and those of a certain age could appreciate the MG sportscars on display. Jim took us down to the beach at Sowley with a short detour This was well worth the little effort as we were afforded dramatic views up and down the Solent with The Needles and Hirst Castle prominent under a dramatic sky. The Turfcutters was very busy and Alan and co moved on to Beaulieu to try their luck there. The groups rejoined over Ipley cross and tired and a bit weather beaten we returned to Redbridge.

Thank you Jim for organizing the day and thanks also to all those who attended