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It was an overcast start to the day with the forecast of rain for most of the morning but as so often it did not turn out so bad. Things are drying up a bit and those with newly serviced bikes were happy not to dirty their new chains and cassettes! Spring is definitely arriving with hedgerows breaking out and the fields of rape beginning to show. The route via Sparsholt to Leckford was uneventful but we made the crucial mistake of lingering too long over the vista of the River Test at Longstock. This meant that we arrived at Leckford for coffee with what can only be described as a swarm of other cyclists, probably about 30 and this added to the others that were already there. A decision was made to move on and we found the relative quiet of Houghton Lodge Gardens where we were very well looked after. We took in an extra loop via Lockerley to complete the ride, by then the rain had arrived.

Thanks to everyone for their company and particularly to Gordon for introducing us to some of the the finer points of football.