Sunday’s  CTC ride to Salisbury, we had 17 + 1 riders, so I lead group one and Bob Damper kindly lead a second group.
I noticed Polly was struggling at East Grimstead, and found her tyre needed inflating, so pumped it up. Then Bob’s group went by, so were first at The Boston Tea Party in Salisbury where they have excellent coffee.
At Alderbury Karen broke a gear cable, but was able to continue with the help of Bill into Salisbury. Bob made some temporary repairs, so Karen could return home after coffee.
As the rain was setting in we took a more direct route to lunch, and used the cyclepath up the Avon Valley, where we encountered The Salisbury Marathon, so we had to take care to share the path, with Kathy was cheering them on. We continued to Old Sarum where Kathy had a puncture, Kevin quickly made the repairs. We continued on the climb up to Pitton and took a break at the top of White Hill.
Most of the group stopped for lunch in the “Hook and Glove” in Farley and a group of seven carried on back with Alan leading, after he had repaired a puncture. Thanks, Richard, Dan and Susan for your help with Alan’s puncture. After an excellent lunch and beer, we returned to Romsey along the valley.
Jim Probert

Photo: Not every ride is blessed with glorious sunshine and just occasionally there may be a puncture. This was the first of two punctures that day.