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A cold fresh morning for the audax with the promise of a fine day. Over 120 had booked for the Park to Park and Between the Parks and they were rewarded with the perfect day to enjoy the best of the Hampshire countryside in early summer.

With the organizational problems behind us we felt that we were able to provide everyone with a great day out. The fastest finishers were just over 4 hours for 100km and 8.30 hours for 200km. Well done to all those from the club who participated and to all participants who came from far and near.

The audaxes require a significant amount of organization and particular thanks go to all those who willingly gave up time early, noon and late to help. Many thanks to Bob, Joanne, Jim, Don, Naomi and Pang for being at the controls. Vast quantities of Norfolk Shortcake and Flapjack were consumed there. Thanks to Alice ‘are you famous for your cakes?’ and Katrina who produced the goodies. Jim was especially delighted with his bicycle themed birthday cake from Katrina. Thanks to Chris for being general catering manager.

Again the day was met with universal praise for the route organization and catering.