Sunday’s ride was to Middle Wallop Airfield and I offered to deputise for Simon as he is away sailing. I was surprised that there were 21 of us at the start including 2 new people keen to come with us. Obviously we needed to split into 2 groups and a big thank you to those that either volunteered or were dragooned into leading and sweeping the groups. It was great team work today as we were leap frogging each other when the front group stopped to re-hydrate.

Fortunately the route out was fairly shady and cool, especially going up The Warren. We took the quieter back road from Over Wallop to loop round to the airfield and we all arrived more or less together – including the breakaway group, fixing a puncture, just tagging on to the back of the coffee queue.

Service was good today and no one seemed to wait too long for their order.

By the time we came out, you could feel the heat building up so I lead back on the flatter, shorter route along the valley. A couple of club members passed us going in the opposite direction on the cycle path into Romsey – I wonder where they were going in the heat of the day?

Thank you again for coming. Alice