It has been a busy few days for the club. Congratulations to all those
who completed the challenging Watership Down. The weather was dry and
not too cold and we all  got round in a good time. Wednesday saw some
intrepids board the Isle of Wight ferry at 9 am for Cowes. It was a
crystal clear day with just a touch of frost first thing. There were
extensive views as we completed half of the round the island route and
came back to Cowes using the cycle paths.It was good to do this when the
roads were quiet. Thanks Paul for this original suggestion. Friday saw a
number work up an appetite to Crawley for a FishFriday lunch at the
Hunters Inn. Thank you Alice for organising this. Saturday saw a very
good turn out on the easy ride with Katrina’s cakes to the fore. New
Years resolutions were in evidence again on Sunday. Thank you Bob for a
great route which will stand us in good stead and also to Chris who
helped out on the day.