A rather chilly ride but lovely to see the weak winter sunshine. Here, Simon leads Davina, Kevin, Kathy, new member Terence and Alice past the Cathedral.

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A very cold, dark and damp start at the Co op Abbotswood. Those who
wished were able to use the coffee machine inside and keep warm. Thanks
to Marcus for leading off the first group. This route to Salisbury via
Farley and Pitton makes a good change though the penalty is in hills and
length. The drop into Pitton is quite rough at present so care is
needed. The route takes in a good view of Old Sarum and the approach
from the north is along the cycle path by the river from Stratford
-sub-Castle. A very brief discussion revealed that the Boston Tea Party
was the preferred venue for coffee and a chance to get some warmth back
into the hands and feet. We were very well looked after there on a busy
Sunday morning. It felt as though Salisbury is beginning to shrug off
its difficulties. The return was through Alderbury and The Grimsteads by
then the sun had come out providing some warmth. Thank you to everyone
for such good company and to those who helped on the day.